Microsoft Windows 8 Released

Microsoft Windows 8 Released

The latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, was released on the 26th of October.

Touchscreen Ready

The biggest change is that Windows 8 is designed for touch screen devices like Microsoft Surface or tablet PCs instead of a mouse and keyboard setup. The new “Metro” design style replaces the familiar desktop, start button and icons. Customisable, flat tiles now form the Start screen and lead to applications and files.

Windows Store

Also included is the Windows Store, taking the cue from Apple and Android devices. Applications can now be bought and installed directly from the Store rather than downloading and installing from individual websites.

Your Windows account now syncs applications and settings between devices and SkyDrive cloud storage service is also available so you can access your files from any Windows 8 computer.

Included applications are more tightly integrated with social networks such as Flickr and Facebook.

Interface Changes

The “Aero” transparency effects from Windows Vista and Windows 7 have also gone, to improve battery life on mobile devices. The whole interface is more streamlined, almost minimal in places, making it very easy to use on a variety of computers and screen sizes.

The new interface is consistent across computers, tablets and Windows 8 phones for the first time.

Included Applications

Internet Explorer v10 comes with WIndows 8, and now supports more security features while web browsing and the latest ‘CSS’ visual effects used in creating web pages. It also enables “Do Not Track”, preventing advertising companies monitoring your web usage.

Windows Media Player and DVD playback have been removed from Windows 8, but can easily be added back in via the “Pro Pack” on the Windows Store.

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