Reasons To Backup Your Business Data

Reasons To Backup Your Business Data

Many small businesses start from humble beginnings and grow bit by bit. With the owner often running all aspects of the business, it’s easy to overlook essential things like backing up the essential data used by the business.

If this data was lost, the results could be catastrophic for a business of any size. Losing customer contact information, invoices or other financial data, or even your products themselves in the case of information businesses could mean the end of the road.

Data can be lost in three main ways:

1. Disgruntled employees or malicious hackers could delete your data

2. The hardware your data is stored on could fail – hard disks have a limited lifespan and can fail without warning

3. Data can accidentally be deleted or overwritten while working with it during normal business

To combat data loss and its potentially devastating consequences, IDT can help you with regular offsite data backups and disaster management plans just in case the worst happens. For a low monthly fee you can have all your business critical data stored in the cloud and these backups can run automatically so there’s no need to run them manually every day.

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