Keep your data safe with IDT Cloud Backup for business

Keep your data safe with IDT Cloud Backup for business

idt cloud backup

Cloud Backup for business

IDT Cloud Backup Server (CBS) is the perfect backup solution for your business, whether you use PC, Mac, Linux or a mixture of platforms. Don’t risk your data – get cloud backup for business from IDT.

256-Bit Encryption

All data will be compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption with an encryption key selected by the user on the client/server side application before being uploaded and stored on the IDT Cloud Server.  The encryption key will never be uploaded to the server during backup.  In Addition backup data can be selected to upload through a secure SSL channel to further increase the level of security.

Microsoft Exchange Server Mail-Level Backup

The built-in Microsoft Exchange Brick-Level Backup Module is able to perform mail-level backup and restore to Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual emails, calendars and contact lists etc.  When a data loss disaster strikes, IDT CBS can restore any individual emails, calendars and contact lists within a very short period of time, without the need to restore the full Exchange information store.  This capability makes IDT CBS an ideal backup tool for any Microsoft Exchange Server.

Cross-Platform Operation

IDT CBS can be run on essentially all common platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Netware, Unix and all other platforms that support Java. Moreover IDT CBS supports cross-platform use.  For example, client-applications running on various Windows and Mac machines can communicate flawlessly with the IDT CBS platform.

Comprehensive Backup Report

IDT CBS’s comprehensive backup reports notify end users about the backup status after a scheduled backup.  
These reports inform of success, warnings and importantly failures.

In-File Delta Incremental / Differential Backup

IDT CBS is equipped with our proprietary In-file Delta incremental / differential technology.  With this feature, the original file is required to be backup up once only, i.e The initial backup seed. Thereafter, only changes are necessary to be backed up, greatly reducing the time required to backup large amounts of data.

Centralised Web Management Console

IDT CBS comes with a centralised web management console which allows the system administrator to manage the whole backup system from anywhere at any time through web browsers, such as configuring backup sets, restoring data etc.

Why is IDT CBS so important?

Whatever the size of your company the cost of a loss to some or even all of your data would be detrimental. According to the Department of Trade and Industry 70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months. Offsite backup protects your vital information in all eventualities.

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