Introducing IDT Cloud Backup – Desktop

Introducing IDT Cloud Backup – Desktop


The consequences of losing your business data can be extremely damaging to your company. Keep your data safe with our cloud back-up service – IDT Cloud Backup Desktop. Launched to complement our Cloud Backup Server product, you can now protect files on your desktop computers.

How does it work?

IDT Cloud Backup Desktop uses high-end storage equipment, which is located in two separate physically secured datacentres, ready for you to access should the worst happen and something go wrong with your computer. You will be able to view and download your data from any location in the world via the Internet.

IDT Cloud Backup Desktop supports all popular operating systems. This means you are ensured of the right back-up capabilities now as well as in the future.

  • Windows, Mac & Linux support
  • Open file backup
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Pre & post scripts
  • Web access to backed up files

 Benefits of IDT Cloud Backup Desktop

  • Automatic – Backups of your files are made without you having to do anything
  • Peace of mind – Regular backups keep your data safe and you receive email alerts with status updates
  • Availability – Should the worst happen, you can get your data back quickly and with no hassle
  • Versions – Restore a previous version of a file if you make changes and want to revert to an older version

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