Talk Talk hack – is your business IT secure?

Talk Talk hack – is your business IT secure?


With the recent hack on Talk Talk’s website being the latest high profile theft of consumer data, is your business doing all it can to keep your customer data safe?

Use good passwords

It’s good practice to use long, random passwords made up of numbers, letters and symbols to make them hard to crack using brute force or dictionary attacks. Changing passwords regularly is also a good idea.

Using common words, even with numbers on the end can lead to easy to break passwords.

Generating unique passwords is also a good idea, so if a password is cracked then only services using that password are affected. Using the same password for tens or hundreds of services means that all of those services could then be compromised at once.

Keep your website and business software up to date

The Talk Talk website was attacked, and many small business sites are vulnerable to attack too. Content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla power many websites but need to be kept up to date to avoid security breaches.

Keeping your business software up to date is also essential. Older versions of Windows, Mac OS or web browsers may contain security issues that could allow attackers to break in.

Encrypt your data

If you keep any customer data then it should ideally be encrypted and access to the data limited. Storing customer data in plain text means that if anyone gains access to your website or network then the data is easily readable. Encrypting the data adds another layer of security.

Be aware of “phishing” attempts

Once customer data is obtained, ‘phishing’ via phone or email is often used to gain more information and eventually defraud people. Consider extra security steps to verify genuine enquiries and make sure staff are trained to be aware of this social engineering aspect to potential security breaches.

Get professional support

If you are unsure about how to secure your workstations, servers or network IDT can help with a FREE onsite security audit. Get peace of mind with our customised IT support and contact us today.


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