Hosted Exchange upgraded to 125gb

Hosted Exchange upgraded to 125gb


We’re pleased to announce that our Hosted Exchange mailboxes are increasing from 50gb to 125GB at no extra cost! This gives a huge space upgrade meaning no need to worry about attachment sizes, archiving your emails or worrying about your mailbox getting full.

More benefits

As well as massive space for all your business messages, our reliable Cloud network delivers reliable access to your email and your data is also stored in the UK. This gives you peace of mind that your data isn’t being stored in far flung locations where laws and practices may be different and jeopardise your business data.

IDT Hosted Exchange teamed with our 99.9% Availability SLA ensures you get the best service. All Hosted Exchange services are dual-hosted. Multi-layered systems are located across geographically distributed locations therefore, in the event of an outage, traffic is switched to a redundant data-centre and services are resumed.

Email is available wherever it is needed even on mobile devices. IDT Hosted Exchange is the ultimate Microsoft Exchange email solution, equipping your business with an enterprise email solution without capital expenditure.

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