Be alert for Angler exploit kit ransomware distributed via banner ads

Be alert for Angler exploit kit ransomware distributed via banner ads

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Ransomware is a growing security concern and involves your computer being encrypted or locked so you can’t use it until a ‘ransom’ is paid to the scammers. This has recently started affecting Macs as well and PCs and a more worrying development has now taken place in the form of the Angler exploit kit ransomware. Banners ad networks serving adverts on mainstream websites such as the BBC, MSN and the New York Times have been compromised with the so-called Angler Exploit Kit, which takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. The malware is clever enough to try and avoid many common security software products.

Reducing the chance of malware

You can stay safer online by uninstalling things like Microsoft Silverlight,  Adobe Flash, Oracle Java and other 3rd-party browser extensions unless they are required. The other aspect to safe browsing is installing updates as soon as they become available and using the 64-bit version of Chrome for browsing when you can. Windows users are advised to install Windows 10 and use Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.

A regular backup strategy can also help reduce the impact of malware like this, so consider our Cloud Backup – Desktop product to keep your computers safe.

We can help secure your computers

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