Case study: Design agency cloud backup

Case study: Design agency cloud backup

design agency nottingham cloud backup

We recently went to see a design agency in Nottingham who were having a nightmare with their cloud backup solution. They had a managed server in the office for containing all their client work and accounts data. This was supposedly backed up off-site just in case of any issues with the server.

Unfortunately, the worst had happened.

Server failure

The server was not running in a redundant, fault tolerant way and some of the hard drives failed taking all their data with it. When they contacted their IT support provider it turned out that the cloud backups had not been running and their data was not easily accessible. After several days of trying to work without their client files a partial backup was supplied.

Does your backup system work?

This situation highlights the importance of having regular, tested, easily obtained backups of your critical business data. Finding our your backups have not been running when you need them the most will cost your business money and ultimately could lose you customers too.

We can help with IDT Cloud Backup

IDT offer solutions for desktop backup, server backup and also for business critical data backup. Our expert team are on hand to support you in your time of need. Features include:

  • Secure, 256-bit AES encryption
  • Windows, Mac & Linux support
  • Pre & post scripts to integrate with your existing systems
  • Open file backup takes copies of files while you’re still working on them
  • Web access to backed up files, giving you easy access

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