Microsoft Azure added to IDT backup solutions

Microsoft Azure added to IDT backup solutions


Due to the huge success of our online backup solution, we are upgrading our service to utilise Microsoft’s vast Azure Cloud storage platform. This industry leading cloud storage option will be added to all our Cloud Backup solutions at no extra cost.

How Azure protects your backups

Microsoft Azure helps store and protect your data with durable, highly available storage located within its European datacenters. The Azure platform not only gives us the ability to extend our ever growing data environment it also strengthens our solution enabling us to maintains multiple copies of your backup data, which protects you from hardware failures and keeps your backups available at all times.

UK only option available

We will also continue to invest in our Nottingham datacentre, that along with our ability to use Microsoft’s UK datacentres means we are able to ensure a UK only option for clients who do not want their data to be stored outside of this country.

Are you backed up?

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